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Homescapes Cheats – You need to use coins

Hello Guys. Today our team Games Office, has returned with a new post an our blog, today we are talking about Homescapes cheat . First time let’s make an introduction. Homescapes is an online game which is full of fun, and can be played in a relaxed mood. It was created and developed by Playrix Games, the creator of the famous Gardenscapes game and was released on the 1st August, 2017.

Homescapes is a match 3 puzzle game, where goals that are provided in each level needs to be completed in order to earn coins and stars. Various levels of this fun-filled game can be completed by swapping pieces together.

The idea of this game is to help Austin, a character in the game to renovate his house through swapping and matching pieces.

Unique boosters and explosive combinations are features of this interesting and lovely game. At first, you may find it easy playing this game at the beginning; however, it becomes extremely tough as you attain new stages because it is not easy to swap pieces together at random. Hence, the need for giving Homescapes cheat a due consideration.

As you progress in this game, you will discover several secrets. In a nutshell, Homescapes, an additive online game will keep you away from boredom. It is opened to people of all age groups.

If you have preference for music, one is available in the game which you can put on while playing it.

Besides, you may also want to adjust the brightness of the screen, depending on your preference. This game comes with an Airplay feature which enables you to send the entire game that is being displayed on your iPad to an Apple TV, wirelessly.

Tips to Playing Homescapes Games

Below are some effective tips to follow in order to enjoy Homescapes Game:

  1. Invite your friends on Facebook and let them assist you to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the house.
  2. Consider utilizing Homescapes cheats.
  3. Swapping two ‘4 line power-up’ together will enable you to break three horizontal and vertical lines, rather than just one.
  4. You can spend real money in this game to buy Booster items from the game shop.
  5. You can swap the adjacent piece with the rocket power-ups to enable you launch it. Rows and columns that are hard to reach can always be covered with Rockets.
  6. Tap the Bomb power-up to activate it. To beat a certain level, you need to make several bombs.
  7. Double tap the paper plane to activate it. You can earn paper planes by matching four pieces together in a box or square. The paper planes will enable you to fly automatically towards your next objective.
  8. Activating the Rainbow Ball power-up involves swapping it with a blue piece so as to remove every piece of the color.
  9. Homescapes game features multiple decoration choices. Having replaced a piece of furniture, you can exchange it again using another color.
  10. To lay carpet over a larger area, there is need to evaluate the power ups by double tapping them.
  11. You earn 1000 coins per each day you complete in the game.
  12. When you remove the jellies, ensure that matches are made next to it.
  13. When you remove the jelly, you can collect cherries.
  14. You can buy lives if you fall short of them. Do this by either spending coins or asking your friends for help. The cost of one life is 900 coins. However, if you are short of coins, generate them via your Homescapes cheat.

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Objects of the game

The game features six objects in the beginning. They include Lamps, Bottoms, Bow Ties, Cups, Books and Tea Pots. In the course of playing the game, you will encounter objects like Chernes, Jellies, etc.


Aside the regular three-piece matches, you can complete other combinations by matching together four or five pieces to make various power- ups. You can make a square match, which will generate a cubed paper plane for saving it later. To get a rocket, four pieces must be matched in a row.

Bombs, which are more powerful power-ups, can be made via several combinations. For instance, ‘T’ or ‘L’ combinations can be made using five pieces for bombs creation. A rainbow ball can be made by making five pieces in a row. Whenever five pieces are in same line, you will get a power-up, which you can swap with a regular piece.


The primary currency of the game is the coins. The numerous available goals are completed using them. When you match pieces in each level of the game, you earn coins. Your coins can help you purchase Boosters prior to the commencement of a new level. Besides, in the event that you run out of a particular level, you need coins to buy more moves.

Upon the completion of a level while there is more moves, you wil get more Bombs or Rockets, which will enable you own several bonus coins. It is advisable to save as many moves as you can. However, you could stop the boring aspect of the game by checking on Homescapes cheat

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When you complete levels in the game, you earn special currency known as stars. You will also earn power-ups if you match the pieces well. The power- ups you earn can enable you to furnish the house and complete every task that features in the game. Alternatively, you can generate stars via Homescapes cheat.


Tasks involved in the game involve room cleaning, carpet changing, furniture replacement, etc. You complete these tasks by collecting books, cups and other objects. As a result, you have to match pieces together, earn power-ups, etc. Remember that the game becomes tougher as you advance in the levels.

Each level has a limited number of moves. For example, when you reach level 5, you will collect 25 books and 35 cups.

Collecting these will require 24 moves. Also at level 6, you need 21 moves to collect 98 lay carpets. The inability to collect the required amount of pieces before the moves get over implies that you will be spending coins to get more moves. It also implies that you repeat playing the level from the beginning because you will lose one life.

The place of proper panning before playing the moves is highly important. This is because the moves will soon be getting over in higher stages, making you not evolve on a particular level. Hence, think ahead and learn to rightly guess where the pieces will move to enhance your success across the levels.

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Boosters are unlocked at advanced stages of the game. You can purchase some boosters with real money, hence, the need to utilize them effectively to prevent spending much money in the process. There are different kinds of boosters. An example is the Hammer booster which you can use to remove tiles without spending move.

Homescapes Game Enabled Devices

You can download Homescapes on all Android devices, starting from firm ware 4.3.3 and higher from the Google play store.

Besides, the game can be downloaded free on all Apple devices, starting from the IOS 7.0 and higher.

Homescapes game is compatible with IPad, IPod touch and IPhone. In addition, it is suitable for little children from ages 4 and above. You can opt to buy power-ups for real money while purchasing the game. Alternatively, you can opt for the Homescapes cheats which can give you all the needed power-ups.


In conclusion, Homescapes is an easy game which anyone can play at short intervals or at leisure. Remember that you can’t play all the game levels in one day. This game can be enjoyed for several months. The game can be termed a game of luck as a player may try several times before completing a particular level. This calls for persistence, commitment and determination in playing it. Keep on trying until you succeed and improve your playing skills.

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